Monday, May 11, 2015

Attention University of Minnesota Police, Katie Eichele, and any other PC-brained idiot

involved in this:
Someone who makes a false report of rape is not a 'student in crisis' or a 'victim-survivor': she's a lying bitch who tried to destroy someone, and should be prosecuted for it.

Eichele ...suggested that no one should judge the unidentified student who made the armed rape allegations police don’t believe.
Bullshit.  From a clapped-out bull. You're telling people that making a false rape accusation is not a crime, it's something they should receive sympathy for, you moron.

Of course, it's only some males' life being destroyed, so what do you care?


Alien said...

I understand the political correctness of university police, I understand the incompetence of government-paid police, what I do not understand is the lack of civil suits. Verifiable besmirchment of reputation through falsehood should lead to the the plaintiff owning a substantial percentage of every dollar the defendant will ever possess.

The only way this stuff will stop is to completely destroy those doing it. Are there no greedy underemployed ambulance chasers willing to step forward?

Firehand said...

There are several universities being sued by guys screwed-over in the campus kangaroo courts; some have already settled, I believe, rather than face a jury.

Sooner or later some prosecutor is going to decide that false crime reports can't be overlooked just because it's a female making them; that'll be the start.

Alien said...

I've followed a number of the suits against universities, and the schools are posting a pretty solid losing record. What's missing is the follow-on suit against Miss Sweetcheeks for making the original false allegations. Haven't seen any of those.

KM said...

Of course, it's only some males' life being destroyed

Exactly right.
And if the guy is white, that automatically makes him a racist enjoying his White Privilege.

As a Constitutional Republic we are so fucked.