Thursday, May 14, 2015

A: Koskinen is either a liar, incompetent, or looking the other way

"If that case exists, then it's not following in the policy I've been advised," Koskinen testified, adding that he had "lengthy meetings with the senior leadership" of the IRS's criminal investigation division and was assured that employees were trained in and advised about the new policy.
Yet they kept doing it anyway.  Right.
B: Can you say 'extortion'?
Two months ago, the government offered McLellan 50 percent of his money back and warned him against chasing publicity, even going so far as to suggest it would rile people inside the IRS and could hurt his chances of seeing his cash again, his attorneys said.
Yeah, extortion is the right word.  Committed under color of law by thieves with federal ID.

In this instance I'm betting on either 'liar' or 'looking the other way'. 

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Koskinen testified

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