Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Journalism at HuffPo,

and a fine illustration of why I translate 'journalist' as 'sorry excuse for a reporter'.

I went to the Facebook page for this clown; his response to pretty much everything questioning this 'untraceable' crap is to post another link to the white paper.  Basically "I'm going to keep posting this link because I've been caught guilty of a horrible level of bullshit and journalism, and I have no other answer to it than "SEE!  SEE!"

So, firearms that go through the CMP, and which to buy you have to meet all their qualifications AND go through the NICS check are 'unregulated' and 'untraceable'...

And let's not forget whatever idiot at Army who wrote said crap; and I wonder why?*

*I know, following the orders of the current leadership; doesn't excuse this kind of lying.


Anonymous said...

What a doofus. All guns are untraceable after the first owner. All lost or stolen guns are untraceable.


Anonymous said...

The guns would be going through the CMP program. The CMP requirements for vesting a buyer are above all states requirements that allow the purchase of handguns.