Friday, May 15, 2015

Well, Syria told the Iranians, and Russians,

and everyone else that Obama has no balls.  And doesn't even seem to actually want to do anything about any muslim government or group doing horrible things.
We essentially have played the role of hazmat garbage collectors, paying out of our own pocket to get rid of all this useless stuff—hundreds of tons of it—but leaving the newer and better materials off the books and in regime hands (possibly now in Latakia province). The result is that while the effort marginally reduces the danger of Islamist crazies getting their hands on the precursors, it has absolutely zero effect on the Syrian chemical war order of battle.
Whether the negotiations lead to a sealed and signed deal come June or, still in my view more likely, not, their actual impact on strategic reality will be nil or close to it. The more U.S. leaders wrap their illusions in boasts about their own sagacity, the more troublemakers worldwide will start sharpening their knives. And if there is a deal and the Iranians subsequently cheat their way around the lies they told regarding verification and other issues, we will witness a replay of the past few days’ Syria news.

And most of the media will still play him and John Effing Kerry telling us ignorant peasants how brilliant these plans actually are.  Probably with that slimy little shit Stephanopoulas in the lead.

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