Monday, March 09, 2015

'Not anti-war, just

on the other side'.  With far too many of them, that's it exactly.

Ever heard of the Treeby Chain Gun?  I hadn't.  Percussion repeater.

Well, Gillibrand proved what she is when the betrayed gun owners as soon as her ass was in that Senate seat; anybody expect better than this from her?
...Clearly Gillibrand’s definition of due process differs from that of, say, a typical civil libertarian.

In any case, FIRE’s Joe Cohn took a look at the bill. In 51 pages, it contains a mere two references to due process for the accused. Here’s Cohn: the bill “provides both students with notice of the charges and sufficient time to ‘meaningfully exercise the due process rights afforded to them under institutional policy.’” The phrase meaningfully exercise isn’t defined. This is what Senator Gillibrand thinks is a good deal for the accused.

Well, from the looks of this the reason for the 'problem' was Steven Lorenz and Brian DiBlassio going out of their way to MAKE a problem.  Assholes.

Dear Butthurt Illegal Aliens;
It triggers me to dislike you even more when you try to have my flag hidden away in my country.

You can't stand it?  Go the hell back to whatever country you came from.  And take your progressive supporters with you.

Sincerely, etc.

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J Bogan said...

Are any of those little bastards getting any tuition assistance? Funny how they will take any goddamn handout they can, and that does not cause any butthurt at all, but oh my, just look at that flag... They need beatings with a lead pipe, and immediate expulsion.