Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Anymore, if the ATF head said "Good morning" to you, you'd

start examining everything around with a microscope to try to determine why he thought this is a good morning, for him.  Because the place is not to be trusted in any way.
Guided by comments to the previous post (thanks!) I find that BATF just posted online a notice that its removal of M855 ammo from the exemption for AP ammo is a mistake. Sounds like the decision was made to remove M855, while allowing a sham comment period, and whichever team compiles the annual list of published ordinances was told about the decision but not told "but, 'officially,' this decision hasn't been made yet, so don't let it out."

You know that "You'd have to have a factory to build a gun!" claim we keep hearing from the GFWs and statists?  Not so much.


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