Wednesday, March 11, 2015

You may've heard about the latest idiot fraternity mess here in Oklahoma

Yeah, it was stupid.  Couple of thoughts come to mind:
Either someone in this mess is so friggin stupid that they thought taking video of this and then posting it where people could see it was a good idea, or
Someone didn't like it/was sick of it and taped it for the purpose of blowing it up.

And, of course, the head of the university came out in fits of righteousness and expelled a couple of them, and is threatening to do more.  Slight problem with that:
University of Oklahoma President David Boren’s announcement that two students have been summarily expelled for their role in leading a racist song could blow up in the university’s face, exposing both the school and Boren to hundreds of thousands of dollars in damages and legal fees.

... Civil liberties advocates have already pointed out that punishing the students could be illegal, saying the song is protected free speech. But even if the offenses warranted expulsion, the taxpayer-subsidized school could be shooting itself in the foot by acting so quickly, and Boren could even be personally exposing himself to thousands of dollars in damages should he be sued by the punished
Oklahoma, like most universities, has a student conduct code outlining the reasons students can be disciplined by the school. The code also has an appendix explicitly listing the procedures to be followed when a student is accused of misconduct. There is no listed procedure allowing the school’s president to unilaterally punish any student, let alone expel them. Instead, there is a clear process to be followed, with extra safeguards for students facing expulsion that would be virtually impossible to meet in the two days.
Instead, Boren appears to have overridden these procedures, and it could end up costing him, personally.
This could get interesting.  And I wonder if the usual 'Free Speech!' types will step up, or insist 'It doesn't cover things like that!' ?

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B said...

And I wonder if the usual 'Free Speech!' types will step up, or insist 'It doesn't cover things like that!' ?

If they don't, then they are hypocrites.

I don't like what they did. It WAS stupid. It WAS racist. But Free Speech doesn't matter if you like what is being said or not.

"I dislike what you are saying, but I support your RIGHT to say it."