Sunday, March 08, 2015

Mr. Prime Minister, have you ever heard the term 'Streisand Effect'?

You should look it up, you'll be horrified.
India's far-right Hindu Nationalist government headed by Narendra Modi has banned telecasting and viewing online of a BBC documentary on the 2012 Delhi rape which shocked the nation. The documentary consists interviews of the rapist Mukesh Singh, his lawyers and the victim's parents seems to expose the male dominant nature of Indian society. Indian government is now attempting to ban the documentary worldwide.
Snork... wheeze... HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!  Fat chance, guy!

Vimeo won't let me embed it, unfortunately.  And I can't find it on Youtube; all kinds of other stuff on it, but not the documentary itself.

More on this bullshit here.

Personally, I think this a fine demonstration that
A: India should get rid of its idiotic "We can't allow the commoners to legally own arms" laws,
B: Which would allow women the self-defense ability to shoot rapists full of holes, and
C: if the rapist survives, he should have a meeting with Mr. Noose. 

Be it noted also, that the comments made by a bunch of these assholes violate Ms. Silversteins' beloved hate-speech laws, and is she working tirelessly to have them jailed for it?

Or doesn't she consider India one of the civilized countries that have obeyed the UN dictate to pass them?

And if she does think so, doesn't that make her guilty of hate speech for calling the place uncivilized?

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