Sunday, March 08, 2015

Well, most progressives are bigoted and/or racist idiots,

so them wanting a racist who actively worked to get rid of blacks and other 'bad' humans put on the $20 bill is not a surprise.

Stealing words from Michael Williamson:
One of these fucks had an article about how it was racist to fire blacks for tardiness or absenteeism because "Africans have a different sense of time."
Well, if my employee actually came from Africa, and not from the parts that have been run by Europeans for 400 years, that might be a consideration.
But stripped of the PhD niceties, his comment came down to "Darkies can't be expected to show up on time," and I'd be racist for doing so.
Virtually all "liberals" who complain about prejudice and bigotry are projecting.

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