Tuesday, June 16, 2015

So the IRS has decided that they don't care how badly they're seen;

after all, any reputation for honesty and even-handedness isn't important, right?
...The court filing, provided to The Daily Caller, claims the IRS received new Lerner emails from the Treasury Department’s inspector general (TIGTA) but can’t fork over the emails to Judicial Watch, a nonprofit group suing to get the emails. Why? Because the IRS is busy making sure that none of the emails are duplicates  – you know, so as not to waste anyone’s time.
Yeah, THAT'S why they don't want to turn them over.
Secretary of the Treasury Jacob Lew, Obama’s former White House chief of staff, seized all of the emails that went back and forth between the IRS and the White House and won’t hand them over, arguing that since confidential taxpayer information was illegally disclosed in the emails, then it would be illegal to make the emails public – since they have confidential taxpayer information in them. Get it?

"This gun control law saved lots of lives(we think.  Maybe.  We're not sure)!"
The author also notes some other “potential problems” with the study. In order to compare what Connecticut would look like without the law, they created a “synthetic” Connecticut — a Frankensteinian creation that is mostly Rhode Island, with some Maryland, and traces of California, Nevada and New Hampshire. Seriously? What could possibly go wrong with that? You’re comparing actual data to a model you created out of thin air involving multiple places which are not Connecticut? Hey… Science!
And downhill from there.

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Pawpaw said...

If the IRS were a private organization, they would be considered a criminal organization and prosecuted appropriately. They are just exactly what our founding fathers warned against in the Declaration.