Friday, June 19, 2015

Questions, questions...

Was the Great Plague of Athens ebola?

Democrats Propose Getting Rid of Republican Hero Hamilton, But Keeping Pro-Slavery, Indian-Massacring Founder of the Democrat Party Andrew Jackson on Nation's Currency
That's one way of putting it.

Ah, the World Health Organization; they can't jump on ebola in time, but they're hell on feelings:
But in an astonishing example of political correctness, World Health Organisation officials have called for terms such as swine flu, bird flu and monkey pox to be banned – in order to protect animals from needless slaughter.

Other conditions – including German measles and Spanish flu – will also be outlawed because they might upset people from those countries.
No, they're not kidding.
The guidelines also call for the words ‘unknown’, ‘death’, ‘fatal’ and ‘epidemic’ to be avoided in descriptions of human disease because they can ‘incite undue fear’.

Geographic locations will be sidelined to protect the feelings of people living in those regions, spelling the end of Middle East respiratory syndrome, Rift Valley fever and Japanese encephalitis.
This is what they want to spend time and money on.  Because Feelings...

Ok, what the HELL is wrong with these idiots?
The dog, Miller, was on a leash when a Cleveland, Miss. police investigator shot him, according to Tyler and Bethany Muzzi. The dog’s owners also said that the investigator initially claimed that the 1-year-old yellow lab tried to attack him and that he didn’t know he was leashed. But Cleveland’s police chief later admitted that the officer knew Miller was restrained but that he was still within his rights to shoot.
I am going to refrain from further comments.

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Anonymous said...

The police are like a box of chocolates...

Both of 'em will kill you dog.