Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Apparently Governor Howler thinks he badly needs some good publicity;

this ain't it.
“Cuomo actually disrupted the early search efforts when he arrived at the ‘command center’ on Saturday and refused to enter the room until everyone was removed except state employees,’’ said a longtime law-enforcement figure who has regular contact with many involved in the search effort.
“Cuomo’s aides came in and threw out the US marshal, the sheriff [David Favro, like Cuomo a Democrat] and others who were there to help coordinate the search effort.
“And they did it without even saying ‘Thanks for your help,’ or such, just, ‘Get out so his highness can enter.’
Yeah, that's not going to go over real well.  And the State Police aren't exactly covering themselves with professionalism, either.
The sources, meanwhile, said the State Police, the lead agency, had repeatedly refused to share information on the design and scope of the manhunt with the local police, the Clinton County Sheriff’s Department, the state Correctional Services Department and the state Environmental Conservation Department, whose police officers are part of the search, as well as the US Marshals Service.
Stupid, stupid, stupid.

Ok, so the head of your group turns out not to be black, and doesn't want to talk to you to explain this, cancels a meeting, etc.  And your reaction is to
...demonstrate today over the controversy enveloping their president, Rachel Dolezal, who said Sunday she’s not ready to face them and explain claims she has lied about her race.

“This is a peaceful demonstration statement that is not about us but delivering a unified message that integrity matters,” said Kitara McClure, the former multicultural director at Spokane Community College and a member of the NAACP.
Dear Deity, it's amazing, their response to EVERYTHING seems to be 'Let's have a demonstration!'

On Christopher Lee: I'd heard something about this story before, but this is the first time I've heard the whole thing:
Yet my favorite moment in the series isn't even on camera, but in the DVD commentary. It's the scene on top of the tower where Lee's Saruman gets stabbed in the back by Grima Wormtongue, for which the director, Peter Jackson, wanted Lee to let out a scream.
The actor felt obliged to explain to Sir Peter why that would be all wrong. He proposed to let out a small groan, a quiet gasp, as the air is pushed out of his punctured lungs. The director was resistant, so Lee said: "Peter, have you ever heard the sound a man makes when he's stabbed in the back?"

"Um, no," replied Jackson.

"Well, I have," said Lee, "and I know what to do.'" And from somewhere deep in the recesses of his memory an old SOE agent conjured the sound a Nazi makes when you plunge the knife in.

A full life, on-screen and off.

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