Wednesday, June 17, 2015

And why do people say unkind things about judges?

Sometimes it's because the judge is an asshat, and needs to be told so.  And, despite what some of them seem to think, having that black robe as a work uniform does not mean you're immune to criticism.

If your congresscritter asks why you're so insistent on doing something about illegal aliens, tell the idiot the piles of dead bodies are a powerful argument.
U.S. Immigration Customs and Enforcement reports that 121 convicted criminals who were never removed from the country face murder charges today.

Someone has to be the dumbest politician in Australia. Why is it sexist to nominate a top contender just because she’s a woman?

Noticed how when a woman criticises a man that’s just criticism, but when a man criticises a woman, that’s “bullying” and “intimidation”?

What’s missing in the gun-media landscape, say founders of The Trace, is a news outlet devoted to the prevention of violence.
Because, as noted, all the money Bloomberg's poured into Mommies and CSGV and so forth hasn't worked, so: New 'News' Source.

Expelled.  For tweets, because 'Title IX'.
Oh yeah, I think they're going to pay for that.

I think I can diagnose this: they got used to letting their finger rest on the trigger(even knowing they shouldn't) because of that heavy first-round pull on the Beretta, and they're still doing it.


Pawpaw said...

Booger hook, bang switch, and there ya go.

Leigh said...

I agree on the AD/ND situations. Keep your finger out of the trigger guard until you are ready to fire.
I usually agree with Bob Owens, but his one man crusade against the Glock is misplaced. A lack of a manual safety is not an excuse for improper / dangerous gun handling techniques. Besides, if certain agencies advocate not using a safety (per the article), then it is a moot point.
I typically carry Condition 3, and employ the Israeli method, but it does have its draw-backs.

If ever faced with an environment that posed the possibility of an immediate hazard, I would then transition to Condition 1. Either way, the booger-hook stays off the bang-switch until I'm on target.

If Jerry can do it, I should too.

Whitehall, NY

markm said...

I know of a media outlet that is effective at reducing violence: American Rifleman. But they don't want to reduce violence, they want to suppress "gun violence" - defined to include suicide, self-defense, and the fainting spells they get at the sight of a law-abiding citizen with a holstered pistol.