Monday, April 06, 2015

A site I'm not sure if I've seen before,

but Tam mentioned it the other day.  I'm going to have to work my way through, lots of good stuff here.

Higher education.  This might be one more case of a university finding out just how expensive acting like petty tyrants can turn out to be.

On a subject far more happy than politics and idiot educators, I for some reason forgot to try the mouse loads with one more bullet:  the 160-grain I've been using for some of it is a good one, but I remembered(why now, I'm not sure) I've also got this one for a 155-grain.

The 160 was originally intended for 7.62x39, it also works well in 7.62x54r and .303 British.  It's a tumble-lube design(bunch of small lube grooves instead of one or two big ones), whereas the 155-grain is a standard lube-groove design(which at these velocities it isn't a problem to use tumble-lubed).  The 160-grain has one advantage for some .308" bore rifles: it drops from the mold at a larger diameter than the 155.  Which, since some rifles like a larger diameter for cast bullets, is handy.

Anyway, I'd cast and lubed some of the 155, and loaded a few up, some unsized and some sized, in .30-06.  Next time can get to the range, I'll see how they work.

One followup to using these very light loads: I checked the bores of the rifles I've been shooting them in.  In the case of the .30-06 and .30-30, which I've put the most of these through, not a sign of lead fouling.  I'd finally cleaned both, which required a couple of CLP-wet patches, let sit a few minutes, then wipe out.  Since then I've put about fifty through the .30-06, and the bore is spotless; I could've skipped cleaning, though it's good to find out for sure how it's doing.

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