Sunday, April 05, 2015

Well, a lot of these European leaders crapped on Bush every chance

they got, and they kissed Obamas' ass over and over.  Now they've discovered just what they helped put into office, and they're not liking it.
Smart Diplomacy:
Mr. Obama’s disinterest in America’s European allies is a long-standing story, however. In September 2009, as part of his “reset” of relations with Moscow, he abruptly shelved plans to deploy ballistic missile defenses in eastern Europe that Poland and the Czech Republic had signed on to at considerable political risk. As a Washington Post assessment notes, administration officials “failed to give a heads-up to the Poles and the Czechs, making it appear like a diplomatic snub at their expense.” Characterizing the U.S. consultation process, a senior national security official in Warsaw lamented that “we heard through the media.”
Observing the noticeable difference in style between Mr. Obama and his predecessor, who was reviled by foreign publics but still took the time to build relationships with leaders abroad, Jackson Diehl at the Washington Post warned a year into the Obama presidency that “coolness has its cost.”
Bush was a number of things but arrogantly stupid wasn't one of them.  And that's a large part of all Obama's got.

And one of the cherries on top:
Things got worse at the G-20 St. Petersburg summit meeting the next week. Again, Germany found the United States curtly dismissive. It wanted Germany’s signature at once on the joint statement on Syria; Germany wanted to wait a day until a joint European Union statement was ready and so declined. ‘The sense from Rice was that we are not interested in your view and not interested in the E.U. view,’ the official said. ‘We left Petersburg very offended. This is not what you want your best partner to look like.’
I repeat: you clowns trashed Bush constantly, and when Obama popped up you kissed his ass and said "THIS is the President we need!"  Well, you got it.

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