Wednesday, April 08, 2015

Remember those loads I was going to test?

The 155-grain bullets?  Well, I did.  But I don't know which group it was.

Can you say 'screwup'?  I knew you could.

Usually, for testing at the indoor range, I fire a group, pull the target back and label it, and if I remembered to bring the camera shoot a picture, then run it back out.  That way if the target falls off/gets lost/whatever I still have a record.  In this case, I shot a group using the 160-grain bullets and then one with the 155-grain without following the usual procedure.  Because of course I'd remember which was which...

Which means I labeled both of them '160'.   I think this one was the 155-grain bullet(sized .311),
 and this one the 160(unsized)
 but I'm not certain.  Which means I've got to load five more of each for the next time.

 Good news, I found and remembered to take along something I'd put together quite a while ago and kept overlooking: the 160-grain bullet, unsized, crimped lightly into the first lube groove, over 7.0 of W231

That top picture was with the rear sight set for 600 yards, the second and third set for 500.  So with all these, probably 400 yard setting would put them dead-on at 30 yards.  Which, yes, I will try.

On 7.62x54 I got the use of a different Mosin for the day, this one a standard 91/30, and tried it with a couple.  It really liked the 180-grain bullet over 3.2 of bullseye,
 and the 100-grain SWC over the same load

On the W231 load, I'll blame myself for the horizontal spread, that one shot real well.  And definitely more authority than the lighter-charge loads.

Same on the 7.62x54r with the vertical spread, quite possibly my fault.  On this rifle, I noticed that a few times, with these very light loads, when firing I'd feel a touch of air movement back toward me that I never noticed with the other; I think the chamber might be a touch oversize, and the pressure is low enough that the brass wouldn't expand quite enough to fully seal, so it was letting a bit of gas leak back.

I've about got my 'stop messing with it and stick with these loads' list figured, though need to do the re-test of the 155-grain, and then try some of these at 50 yards.  Messing with these has been fun.

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