Sunday, April 05, 2015

Good piece on the "Let's destroy anyone suffering from BadThink!" crap

As you might imagine, my position has led to some pretty heated debates over the years, and I was quick to smack down fears that churches would be forced to perform same sex marriages, or that people would be punished for not being made to agree. I deemed these wildly hypothetical fantasies.

But I was wrong.
I find myself at odds now with a lot of proponents of same sex marriage who appear to be walking the charred battlefield of the cultural war and shooting the wounded.

I apologize for thinking this was about only equal treatment under the law. I apologize for dismissing conservatives' fears that this slippery slope would lead to de facto banishment from various sectors of the public square.

I thought people just wanted to be left alone. I was wrong.

For many, they wanted forced conversions.

As such, it's only fair we ask where it ends.
Well, if the idiots have any say, it'll end with anyone not agreeing with them in every way being driven out of business, fired from jobs, thrown out of school, and with their personal life destroyed.

Assisted by journalists like Alyssa Marino and Alix Bryan

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Anonymous said...

Didn't Noam Chomsky once tell us, "intent can be inferred from predictable outcome?"

It's called "Social Bolshevism." Read Gramsci's "Prison Diaries." The Party Vanguard must smash, burn, and destroy all of society's existing morality, regardless of the cost or the consequences--it is "cultural hegemony" and it must all burn, burn, burn to make way for Scientific Socialism.