Monday, September 29, 2014

Seems the next response to "Why would you want a GUN

in 'X' place?" is "Because I want to keep my head on my shoulders, and my body un-stabbed."

Note how we cringe when I use freely now the distasteful buzzwords “white” and “African-American.” I emphasize the race of the victim and the assailant not because I believe that race was necessarily a prime motivation in any of these cases, much less that Holder should have commented on such lurid interracial crimes before they came to trial that made headlines, or that Americans should think race was necessarily vital in fathoming such barbarism, but because Eric Holder has set an example in this country to racially contextualize any interracial murder that might be massaged for his own political advantage, and to find some government or police agency, or society at large, as culpable for the violence. Race largely determines which interracial violent act the attorney general of the United States chooses to elevate to national political importance and to use for his larger political agendas.

Ref the apparently SWATting that resulted in two deaths, the family of one victim want action taken against Ronald Ritchie, the asshole responsible for the bullshit "He's pointing a gun at people!  He's loading it!" 911 call.  Good.

And if LE won't take action, then I hope both families sue him for everything he has or ever will have.

As Miguel notes, chances of media investigating him, especially if any connections to gun-ban groups: just about zero.  It wouldn't fit their preferred narrative.

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