Wednesday, October 01, 2014

Stolen from comments on a post a BYR

In the light of this analysis Carlyle's rhapsody on tools becomes a prosaic fact, and his conclusion—that man without tools is nothing, with tools all—points the way to the discovery of the philosopher's stone in education. For if man without tools is nothing, to be unable to use tools is to be destitute of power; and if with tools he is all, to be able to use tools is to be all-powerful. And this power in the concrete, the power to do some useful thing for man—this is the last analysis of educational truth. Charles H. Ham, Mind and Hand: manual training, the chief factor in education (1900)
Which just might explain part of why the education lobby wants to get rid of shop class, and hates vocational training.  And insists the ONLY way to get ahead is to get a degree.

Well, he's betrayed just about every other ally we have(or had), so why not the Kurds?

Reading this, you'd think the bastard WANTS them to be wiped out.

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0007 said...

Of course he does. They are, after all, outliers from his religionofpiss, as are Christians, Jews, etc. uddists