Monday, September 29, 2014

Effective Friday, bloggage will be nonexistent-

to-light for a while.  Not a trip(I wish), having surgery on my right arm.

Nothing horrendous, rerouting a nerve from where it is to a less troublesome(damn well better be) location.  Not looking forward to it, but it's become bad enough that I have to do something.  And this is the only something there is.*

I'd been worried this might be required(no, I do not like being carved on, not even in hopefully-sterile conditions), and it was confirmed a few days back.  You can imagine how overjoyed I was. 

So while the arm is out of commission, since typing one-handed is awfully slow, don't expect much.

*The only something that's an actual fix as opposed to 'Keep taking this stuff to make it more tolerable.'


Anonymous said...

Had my ulnar nerve in my right arm moved in the 90s. It was the only choice left since opening a door felt like my arm was on fire. Worked like a charm for me and after it healed have had no more problems (well at least with the nerve). As I remember the physical therapy afterward was pretty painful but I recovered full use. EdC

Firehand said...

Son told me there's a couple of guys in his unit who've had it done; no problems and fixed the problem. So I'm both looking forward to it and not.

More forward. I don't like pain, but some now to get rid of long-term less-but-constant sounds like a deal.

Anonymous said...

No typing one-handed, eh? Sounds like a perfect excuse to just dump more "data points" on us ...

skidmark said...

Ask your doc if it's OK to have a drink the night before to calm you and let you sleep. Then remember that a beer in a new galvanized pail would qualify as "one" drink.

You are expected to return soonest possible. Failure to do so will screw up my daily reading schedule.

stay safe.

Peter said...

Two bits of unsolicited advice:

1. Do your physiotherapy thoroughly, even religiously. If you don't, it will come back to bite you.

2. Don't overdo it. Give your body time to heal before you push it beyond what it can handle. Again, if you go too far, it will come back to bite you.

How do I know this? Trust me. I know this.

Firehand said...

Watched Dad do his PT after his rotator cuff tear; that hurt even to watch. Hope this isn't on that scale.

And yeah, that's my problem(one, anyway), I tend to push it a bit. I shall endeavour to refrain from that this time.