Monday, September 29, 2014

On the subject of training,

Yet according to some, that clumsy old hero was unfit to be a gun owner. Therefore, he should have just stood by and allowed himself and the other innocents in the place to be robbed. Or even killed if that’s what the thugs chose to do. He and millions more like him—just because they don’t spend every Saturday practicing El Presidente drills.

Some of the elitists who’d rather see us dead than armed hang out with Michael Bloomberg and his gun-banning mayors and “Moms.” Others, so it appears, write gun blogs and promote elite firearms training.
Couple of years back at Schutenfest Evyl Robot and I were talking about gear, and I said something along the lines of "It's all very nice that "THIS is issued by the SEALs!", or "THAT is issued by the Green Beanies!(or Force Recon or whoever)", but I'm not kicking doors in Kandahar Province or something; I'm worried about someone breaking into the house, or trying a robbery in a parking lot, or- worst case- some jihadi-minded asshole deciding to kill everyone in the restaurant I happen to be in."  Put bluntly, parts of my body wouldn't tolerate some training well, and I can't afford a lot of the classes(add in travel, ammo, the fees, some of them add up damn fast). 

I can go to the range.  I can practice.  I can read, and work stuff into my practice.  If that's not good enough for the "You shouldn't have a gun unless-" clowns, they can kiss my ass.


skidmark said...

Those of us who are old enough to know better have stopped wanting to dress up and play soldier. We pretty much have reduced our training (physical and mental) to those things we are most likely to encounter. And like most of the rest of our lives, we have darned near perfected the art of adapt, improvise, and overcome.

stay safe.

Pawpaw said...

If you want to be a SEAL or a SF type, it's simple. Sign up and try out. I did, and had a wonderful time for 25 years, led a life of high adventure. But nowadays I'm an old fart who simply wants to be left alone. Do I "train"? Not anymore. I try to stay proficient, but I'm willing to bet I can hold my own in a fight. That 60 year-old fat man in the corner may just kill
you because he's too tired to fight.

Most wannabees are full of shit, anyway

Anonymous said...

This has more to do with people with no marketable skillset other than killing people, parting others from their money without having that pesky murder thing getting in the way. You can double that for the "you must shoot 5000 rounds a year to maintain your shooting skills" crowd that also happen to work/run an ammo sales outlet.---Ray

Anonymous said...

Skid and Paw - between the 2 of ya ya'll pretty well nailed it. Add in anon's comment regarding a 'fool and his momey' (sorta kidding, training is good but most of us don't need 'exotic' skills) and it's all been pretty much said.
I wonder how the 'elites' feel about driving, should we all be NASCAR qualified?
Final thought, the saying "old age and treachery will always overcome youth and skill" came about for a reason!

OTB MCPO sends........

Evyl Robot Michael said...

I remember the good old days when my family and I would go to the range every weekend. We took classes in defensive pistol and shotgun, and we attended Appleseed together. Income got reduced and ammo got more expensive though. I'd like to practice and train more often, but I'm not endangering anyone and I've got far more options with my gun than without in a fight I'm not looking to have.