Wednesday, October 01, 2014

Zero-tolerance stupid combined with idiots wearing badges

is not a good combination.

What do you think: firing for the school officials involved, and the cops who couldn't be bothered to find something he could eat, followed by a ban for life on future public employment.  As a start.  Further possibilities may come to mind.

Ronald Ritchie, I think you're a chickenshit little bastard who got two people killed.  If you can't be prosecuted, I hope the families sue you for everything you have or ever will have.
Yes, I've mentioned this before; he deserves the fame he's earned.

Speaking of other .gov asshats, the National Park Service has an anniversary coming up in 2016.  I'm betting they'll want us to spend a buttload of money to commemorate how wonderful they are.  Considering their actions during the shutdown, I'm thinking every penny spent then should be cut from their damned budget as a start.

Over in the wonderful PRC, well, if someone stuck me out with a pistol with this level of training(to misuse the word), I'd be worried too:
Many patrol officers who are now carrying guns haven't fired shot since the police academy, where each recruit is required to shoot five bullets, officers said. One SWAT officer in Guangdong Province said that while his team shoots 100 bullets every morning for practice, regular patrol officers in his district are shooting less than 10 bullets a year.

"There are no standards, every department just makes up their own rules," he said.
This is... pitiful.  Even if they're worried about some common cop actually knowing how to use the tool, being more worried about that than about the problems caused by a bunch of untrained people with great authority running around armed is stupid.

But then, it is the PRC.

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