Saturday, September 13, 2014

Leftist journalism professor wants to be a subject of the Crown

Apparently not enough to actually go there, oh no, he wants the US to bend the knee as colonies again.

Fuck you, Wheeler, you think Britain is so wonderful, then MOVE THERE.  Nothing stopping you.

Assuming you can make yourself read all of it, you'll notice that he glosses over the crime rates, the ongoing 'Horror of the Week' that is the NHS, and so on.  Including his mention of how much 'nicer' society is over there not saying anything about the PC-at-any-cost idiocy that led to probably thousands of girls being raped over years and the wonderful people in charge actively working to prevent anything being done about it.

Yeah, maybe the asshole is playing click-bait; I doubt it.  He sounds far too convinced we'd be better off under British rule.

Pediatrician is all butthurt she's not allowed to lecture patients and their parents about guns.  Even though she doesn't know a damn thing about them.
Based on a lifetime of avoidance and an appalling lack of any personal experience or training whatsoever, she considers herself qualified to use her position as a medical authority to dispense “firearm safety” advice for others, who trust her solely because she’s a doctor? And what “safety tips” is she prepared to offer on “how to secure a gun to keep your child safe”? Aside from what is clearly legislative agenda advocacy via slick, manipulative propaganda offered by the American Academy of Pediatrics?

“I keep my nose out of politics and do not even pretend to understand the intricacies of the laws regarding gun control,” Rivers protests. She just admitted to being oblivious to the effects of laws those using her are trying to impose, meaning she is absolutely uninformed about their unintended consequences and deleterious effects.
Yeah, just the type we need telling people about firearms, right?
Next time she starts on this, someone needs to give her the form and ask her to fill it out before she starts dispensing advice.


Marilou Spratt said...

I read the article and thought it mildly amusing. I don't believe he was being 100% serious, but as you note he exposes his underlying admiration for all things socialist. In total it merely makes him a fool rather than a threat.

Chad said...

The issue with that idiot doctor, they don't even know everything in the medical field. That's why they have specialists. Oh, that's endocrinology, and I slept through that class, it was before noon, let me refer you...