Monday, September 08, 2014

General rule has been 'Buy an optic from anyone except a known good brand

and it's a game of craps.'  I've seen off-brand scopes and red dots that held up quite well, and others that crapped out in short order.  On the other hand, few years back I wrote about my experience with a Pentax red dot("They just started making these, and it's PENTAX, they'll be great!" they said).  That piece of crap started wandering zero after less than a hundred rounds, and their customer service just about didn't exist, so name-brand isn't a guarantee, either.

So when ran across this the other day on Barska bringing out a 1-6x scope for AR-type rifles, my first thought was 'You first.'  Having slept on it, I still say so.  The quality of a lot of these 'Made in China' scopes has indeed improved, but I'm not going to be the one to beta test them.  Unless someone sends me one to evaluate, which I doubt my fame is sufficient to bring on.


Critter said...

The Primary Arms "made in Chinko" scopes are pretty good, and not too spendy.

Firehand said...

I used to have one of their red dots, it worked quite well. If a !*($& battery hadn't leaked, I'd still be happily using it.

Couple of years ago I was looking for an extended eye-relief scope for the M1, and at a show found one of the AIM brand. Chinese made, but pretty clear image, and a good warranty, so decided to take a chance on it as it was far more affordable than a Burris. So far it's been great, no problems at all. Which was both surprising and pleasing.