Saturday, September 13, 2014

I had wondered about this a time or two

Tam notes a slight difficulty with the 'Keep a can of wasp spray for home defense instead of a gun' argument: you're opting for the 'less violent' method of spraying someone with a nerve agent.  Wonderful, right?  Borrowing the ladys' words,
They were playing that idiocy on the Today show the other morning and only an extremely somnolent state kept me from throwing something through the screen while yelling "No! Who told you that was a good idea? Don't listen to this $#!+head!"

Seriously, in most imaginable scenarios, I'd rather stand in front of a jury having shot a home invader as opposed to having filled his eyes with insecticide or oven cleaner. If you don't have any business busting a cap in a dude, you don't have any business giving him a facefull of organophosphates
Not to mention the 'contaminate the whole place with it' factor.

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