Friday, September 12, 2014

If this works,

If it doesn't, I'll be quite unhappy.

Did some digging last week and came on a very simple 'make your own' recipe.  And there's a oriental market nearby with a full butcher shop, with pork bellies.  So.

Picked up a 2.5 pound piece, cured, and just took it off the rigged-for-smoking grill
I now have a couple of slices in the pan(hell NO, I'm not waiting till later).  I shall report.

I should note: EVERYPLACE was out of hickory chips.  However, I still had a broken axe handle, so part of it was converted to chips.
Why yes, I am a scrounge.


KM said...

Thanks so much for that link.
I've never tried it before but I think it's time for THAT to change. :)

Anonymous said...

The link doesn't work, it comes back as a if you are a spam sight,( code 403 ).

Your bacon looks good, and I would like to try my hand at it. Will you be doing an update and review?

Dennis the librarian shusher

Firehand said...

Yes. Thanks for reminding me

KM said...

I just clicked on the "bypass this message" link in that page and got right to the site.