Thursday, September 11, 2014

Ah, the professionals of the EPA:

spreading excrement and menstrual blood to mark their territory.  Or because they're friggin' nuts.

Speaking of excremental jerks, we have the EffingBI and those wonderful people at the DoJ:
The head investigator charged with overseeing the Department of Justice testified Tuesday that various government agencies have repeatedly stymied his investigation efforts, and have done so in direct violation of federal law.
These officers “faced restrictions on their access to certain records available to their agencies that were needed to perform their oversight work in critical areas,” the letter explained. “Limiting access in this manner is inconsistent with the IG Act [the 1978 law that created the inspector general offices], at odds with the independence of Inspectors General, and risks leaving the agencies insulated from scrutiny and unacceptably vulnerable to mismanagement and misconduct – the very problems that our offices were established to review and that the American people expect us to be able to address.”
The very problems that Holder and Obama & Co. don't want addressed.

Oh, of COURSE the school cops need a MRAP!
“Our idea is, ‘How can we get in and pull out a classroom at a time of kids if there’s an active shooter?’” he said. “‘If there’s a fire [or] if there’s an earthquake, can we rip down a wall?’ Stuff like that.”
Yeah, because it takes a MRAP to go chasing down the halls.  And nothing else can pull down a wall.  Sure.

Speaking of bullshit, we have Baldr Odinson, famous for being an asshole on lots of 2A blogs, showing his true feelings.  As if there were any doubt.

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Phelps said...

So, in San Diego, they are going to end up cowboying that MRAP through a classroom wall, collapsing the ceiling on the kids and killing a few of them, and then find out that the whole thing was a false alarm because someone lost his shit over a kid carrying a water pistol to school.

And then they will want to charge the kid with the water gun with murder.

Anyone think I am wrong?