Tuesday, September 09, 2014

The things that make it through quality control...

Tam's doing some posting, with comments firmly locked out, and notes a couple of problems due to out-of-spec ammo.  Which reminded me to finally take a picture of something that showed up:
From a bulk box of Winchester Super-X hollowpoints; dumped out a handful to load a magazine and found it.

The box was bought just before the .22 supply went completely to hell, so can't blame it on that.  Everything else in the box was in normal configuration and worked fine.


Anonymous said...

I bought a bunch of Western white box bulk ammo from Farm n Fleet around the same time period - the headstamp is SuperX as well. The ammo shoots really well, but I've found a few more rounds with bullets that are a little loose in the case than I'd like.

Toastrider said...

I am seeing a LOT of people bitching about Winchester and that Super-X stamp. Dad had to get in touch with Winchester recently over some ammo that wouldn't feed through his little Walther PPK-clone (as near as he and I could tell, being amateurs, there wasn't enough oomph to make the action cycle properly, causing a jam).

Winchester may need to tighten up their QC.