Saturday, September 13, 2014

Rep. Elijah Cummings: vile, corrupt,

disgusting bastard.

And let's not forget Holder, and the IRS.  Everybody involved in this belongs in a cell, Cummings included.  Next to Holder at the head of the list.

Know some people who insist that religion in general is dumb, etc., and should be discouraged in the public sphere, yet they're oddly picky about just which religions they have tolerance for.  'Protected species' y'know(and don't they howl when you point it out?).  I'd love to get them to watch this.

Speaking of the Religion of Submission and PC idiots,
The researcher told us she was threatened in her car at night by two police officers.
“They said wouldn’t it be a bad thing if some of those men found out where she lived. She feared for her life.”
South Yorkshire police chief David Crompton said that he was not aware of the incident.
Oh, of COURSE not!
So the question becomes whether the cops were just covering their ass for not doing their jobs, or if they were on the take and earning their thirty pieces of silver.

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