Thursday, September 11, 2014

President Lightbringer made his "I NOW have a strategy!" speech last night

Having a low threshold of tolerance for bullshit, and not wanting to break things, I didn't watch it.  Reports seem to be summed up by this:
"ISIL is a terrorist organization… with no vision." Oh fuck oh fuck oh fuck he still doesn't get it.
Which pretty much translates as "I will order more air strikes, and demand our allies(who I've screwed over in every way possible but they not supposed to care since I did it) do everything else.  This will give the impression I actually want to do this and hopefully shut up my critics."

Oh, and he wants to arm the 'moderate' Syrian rebels.  Despite arms given to them previously turning up in ISIS hands.  Yeah, that'll work well.

He said this crap on Sept. 10.  Which just makes it seem worse.  Plus he still wants our southern border to let anybody through, which seems to include mid-east terrorists but he doesn't care about that so long as he gets lots of illegal aliens in to illegally vote Democrat.  I swear, I think he believes that when the terrorists do something and it's demonstrated they came through from Mexico, he'll claim that proves how much we just need amnesty for the 'honest' illegals.  And then use it to attack the 2nd Amendment.  Because us owning arms is the real problem.

I shall now end this, because I'm getting to that 'breaking things' stage.

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