Monday, September 08, 2014

So the Brit cops not only turned a blind eye to repeated rapes,

they let these people get away with some other interesting things:
The perpetrators were not merely pimps: They also dealt drugs and sold guns. Yet during the 17-year period she studied, Jay found, “councillors did not engage directly with the Pakistani-heritage community to discuss how best they could jointly address the issue.”
You'll notice there's not mention of  "The police did not come down on them the way they would have a pensioner with a war bring-back and no ammo", either.
So a bunch of primarily Pakistani muslims were running rape rings and dealing in illegal guns, and very few had the balls to say anything.  Those who did were punished.  And the chances of those covering all this up actually being punished: I'd say damn near zero.

And they're still working hard to keep from using the word 'muslim' in this.
“Our untouchables turn out to be little girls raped by powerful men,” she claims. Dan Hodges of the Telegraph replies, “But they weren’t. Our little girls were raped by Kashmiri cab drivers. Yes, powerful men were involved in the Rotherham abuses. But they weren’t the ones doing the raping. They were the ones turning a blind eye to the rape. And why were they turning a blind eye? Because of the ethnicity of the rapists.”
And the religion.  But even people pointing out the PC-at-any-cost bullshit mostly don't want to mention that part; because even with the information out, they'll be labeled a 'racist' and called other names.

But the authorities weren't doing nothing!  Oh no, they were having meetings and developing strategies!
The Inspectorate of Constabulary praised the collaborative disposition and, of course, the commitment of the South Yorkshire Police’s CSE work. Not only was everyone “conscientious, enthusiastic, and focused,” but “the force had improved its engagement with other agencies working in this field and had co-operated with them in developing strategies.” The strategies thus developed did not require constables to arrest specific sex traffickers who had been pointed out to them by material witnesses: According to the Jay report, they systematically refused to do so, using a variety of excuses that may have been developed on an interagency basis.
"We have strategies and plans!  They just don't involve arresting rapists(especially those of protected species)."

Add to that something that's been mentioned before:
The police may have been reluctant to arrest Muslim suspects accused by white Christians, but the police in Britain are comparatively reluctant to arrest anyone at all. The incarceration rate in England and Wales is about a fifth of ours, and accordingly, the citizens of the law-abiding country John O’Sullivan describes are 228 percent more likely than we are to be a victim of a violent crime. The actual crime rate is likely to be even higher, since the police are believed by HMIC itself systematically to underreport crime.
Lie about the numbers and don't even look at someone who might call you names.  Wonderful LE work there, guys.

Barring a miracle, Britain is screwed.

There's this from one of the idiots, too:
“The fact that these particular gangs are made up of Pakistani men is significant but not in the way racists would have us believe,” says one child protection expert who asked not to be named. “While the BNP would have us believe that abusing white girls is an endemic part of these men’s culture​—​which it absolutely is not​—​the truth is that these men are aware that the police do not want to be accused of racism in today’s climate.”
Abusing infidels- non-muslims- IS a part of their culture.  Could have been most any religion, but it was a definite factor: 'These are not of the umma, therefore they are to be used as we choose.'  But mention that and "RACIST!!"  from idiots like this.

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Anonymous said...

The BNP and UKIP are the only hope for formerly-Great Britain.

Take heart from this. With every such scandal, every such rape, more native Britons vote BNP and UKIP.

We, and they, live in interesting times.