Friday, August 15, 2014

A 'Just Because' project comes to mind:

an AR in .30-30.

Added: as Sigi noted in comments, it'd have to be a AR10 receiver set; the .30-30 and .308 have the same case length.  Yes, it's a rimmed case; I'm thinking work the mag lips same way it's done on the PSL, which would prevent rimlock from occurring.

Now to find out if a .308 bolt could be modified to work with a .30-30 case head...


Sigivald said...

Tricky to feed, what with a rimmed cartridge and the length (a quarter inch longer, and it's not like the AR magwell has a lot of spare length in it).

Maybe in an AR-10 body?

Firehand said...

Case length is same as .308, so it'd have to be. And feeding would be the tricky part, you'd have to make sure to load cartridges with rims in the right position.

I'm thinking copying the way PSL mags are made, you can only put the cartridges in properly.

Anonymous said...

Is there any special reason to use .30-30? IIRC, the ballistics are similar to 7.62 by 39, I.E. the "AK" round. This has the advantage of scaring/annoying all the right people, too!

Firehand said...

Because. Because that was my first center-fire rifle.
Because with the Hornady 160-grain bullet and Leverevolution powder you can push it pretty fast.
Because you could use bullets up to 170 grains, which would make it a bit better for hunting medium-size game.
Because I just like the idea.
Which, since this is going along, I need to measure .30-30 rim vs. .308, and see if a .308 bolt might be made to work.