Monday, August 11, 2014

'Elite Daily' my ass

Short version of this: "Men don't even grow up until they're 30, men don't know what they want, they live with mommy, they're not as able to get along as women', etc. ad Bullshit.  Borrowing from Michael Z. Williamson on Bookface(where I found this):
There are also scads of assumptions and generalizations in this article. If you did that about females, it would be sexist, but because it's about males, it's okay.
And a great many men don't marry precisely BECAUSE they understand western liberal women. Why invite the spoiled, leeching, social-climbing weasel into your house? (Oh, sorry, was that a generalization based on gender?)

Here's an interesting piece: I hadn't heard of cut-bar bullets before

Thanks to Oleg Volk for finding this one

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Gerry N. said...

Now that was interesting, thanks.

When I heard "cut bar lead bullets", I saw a picture of extruded lead blanks for home made jacketed pistol bullets and fishing sinkers, not approximately cubical lumps cut with a hatchet and maul.

I've got a cheesy Replica Btitish Navy pattern 69 cal. flint pistol that I've used as a grouse gun several times. I does a good job with #4 shot at close (20 yds) on blue and ruffed grouse. I also tried hand crafted shot cut in +/- 3/16" squares with shears from sheet lead.

Both loads had a 16 ga fiber overpowder wad and an overshot wad made of cereal box cardboard cut with an arch punch.

Both loads worked, the square shot getting a few more pellets into the grouse than the round pellets.

What I concluded from my poor experiments was that it didn't matter much what I expelled from the muzzle at 60 feet, a grouse's number was pretty much up.