Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Why you're not seen as Officer Friendly anymore, Boston edition

'How dare you criticize how we acted!  We're under real stress, there!"
The people in this story complained about having to stay in their homes and being intimidated by “big scary men in black with guns” (I’m sure our female officers who were involved would take exception to that characterization). Apparently since no one, let alone the residents of Laurel Street, knew where or even if Dzhokhar Tsarnaev was still in the area, I suppose a cursory search of the area while explaining police tactics to each and every neighbor would suffice in their minds.
I suppose acting like COPS instead of infantry, cops who swore to uphold the Constitution- including that 4th Amendment that you seem to find so inconvenient- wouldn't do; no, you had to point guns at anyone looking out a window, and shove into homes without a warrant and otherwise act like thugs.  "It was an emergency!" suffices in your mind for violating law.

In a way, the real winner is this: ...let the professionals do their jobs, and keep your second guessing to yourselves.
Screw you, Mr. Boston Police Dept. (retired).  The people you work for get to decide what they think of the way you act, whether you like it or not.  And they can yell about it when you act like occupying infantry.

Time matters, but judges and law enforcement act as if unarmed citizens have all the time in the world.  That is exactly the problem we have with citizen self-defense in California.

"Most transparent administration" my ass.
The rewrite came in an April 15, 2009, memo from then-White House Counsel Greg Craig instructing the executive branch to let White House officials review any documents sought by FOIA requestors that involved "White House equities." 

That phrase is nowhere to be found in the FOIA, yet the Obama White House effectively amended the law to create a new exception to justify keeping public documents locked away from the public.

All while Obama and Kerry are pretending their outrage and stern-faced "Stop this, or we'll protest again!" bullshit means something...
Just as the fall of Assad would be a devastating blow to Russia and Iran, the Axis must defend the Venezuelan dictatorship, because its fall would seriously challenge the anti-Western alliance.  Venezuela is a lynchpin in the Axis.  Caracas launders money, transships weapons (as between Russia, Syria and Iran, for example) and drugs, and provides safe havens and training facilities for jihadis, from which they can move toward our poorly defended southern border.  Thus Cubans fight Venezuelans in the streets.  Thus Russian warships are headed for the Caribbean and the southern oceans.

Ah, more of the Hope! and Change!! of Obamacare.  Hey, all you people who cried for Obama to save you: we warned you.
Health industry officials say ObamaCare-related premiums will double in some parts of the country, countering claims recently made by the administration.
“My gut tells me that, for some people, these increases will be significant,” said Bill Hoagland, a former executive at Cigna and current senior vice president at the Bipartisan Policy Center. 

Hoagland said Sebelius was seeking to “soften up the American public” to the likelihood that premiums will rise, despite promises to the contrary.Wonder how Obama will violate the law- again- to try to delay this till after the election?

Over in Californicated, the minorities are getting to war with each other.  This should be interesting.

A civil-rights victory in Delaware.
The court applied the Delaware Constitution’s right to bear arms provision — “A person has the right to keep and bear arms for the defense of self, family, home and State, and for hunting and recreational use” — and the court noted that this language may justify broader protection than that given by the Second Amendment. Still, the precedent is likely to prove influential in other states as well, since the case deals with having guns for self-defense, which D.C. v. Heller has held is covered by the Second Amendment. (If the case had dealt with hunting and recreational use, for instance, the matter might well have been different.)
This has to be troubling to the tyrant wannabes in CT.  And NY.


Take The Red Pill said...

"..."It was an emergency!" suffices in your mind for violating law."

Their defense: "But ve ver only follownk ORDERS! Ja vohl?"

Anonymous said...

"...let the professionals do their jobs, and keep your second guessing to yourselves."

A professional is simply someone who does something as a profession... i.e. they make money by doing it. It does not mean they are any good at it; often they are simply adept at hiding the errors long enough for it to not matter when discovered.

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