Tuesday, March 18, 2014

A: Farging idiots with ninja suits who really want to use them,

so buying hydroponic gardening equipment and TEA LEAVES in the trash is a good excuse.
B: When LE is this opposed to people being able to get these records ON THEIR OWN CASE, it's not for public safety or privacy, it's so they can hide what they're doing and why.

Over in CT, Dora Schriro is head of the Department of Emergency Services and Public Protection, which is the people sending letters 'Turn in or destroy your guns and magazines that make us wet our panties'.  She insists "We're not confiscating guns!"  Except
Confiscation does not depend on law enforcement or government officials going door to door to physically remove "forbidden" items. Governments have and continue to engage in confiscation by requiring citizens to turn in forbidden items or destroy them.
In the case of Connecticut, citizens have several choices at their disposal, all of which amount to confiscation -- that is, by law they are relieved and deprived of the right to possess "assault weapons" and magazines that can hold more than 10 bullets.

And guess what turns up in the past of Schriro?
Schriro has courted controversy in her prior jobs. Back in 2004, a federal judge in Missouri refused to admit sworn testimony from her, saying she and other correction officials can't be trusted to tell the truth because of previous misleading statements under oath in a lawsuit filed by an inmate, according to a report in the Riverfront Times of St. Louis.

The judge, Carol Jackson, said the defendants, including Schriro, had "demonstrated unreliability." "It is beyond dispute that defendants' affidavits contained false statements," she wrote.
Wonderful people in charge in CT, huh?

Yeah, tell politicians that you'll actually tell people back home how they voted, it changes things, do it not?

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