Thursday, March 20, 2014

"Just pay for my trip and don't ask questions, peasants!"

Michelle Obama’s trip to China starting on Wednesday will be nonpolitical, the White House says, a “people-to-people exchange” emphasizing the importance that both nations place on education. As if to underscore the point, no reporters are traveling with the first lady, and she does not plan to give interviews while there.
How many vacations does that make so far this year?

And you'll LOVE this:
Experts on the office of the first lady say the context of Mrs. Obama’s visit is quite different. Throughout her time in the White House, she has been decidedly nonpolitical, they say, and her focus on education and young people in China fits neatly with the causes she champions at home and on other trips abroad.
Question: how much crap do these 'experts' have in their nose from Mrs. Obama stopping without warning?

Well, NYEffing City, you voted for it and you're getting it.  Good and hard.
In New York, Mayor Bill de Blasio has embarked on a systematic campaign to destroy the city’s burgeoning charter school movement. He’s diverting more than $200 million in funding marked for charter schools, and has also thrown hundreds of students out of their promised school buildings. He has also declared his intent to nullify arrangements that allow charters to locate in existing public schools rent-free.

The mayor’s open warfare against Eva Moskowitz, who founded a network of 22 charter schools, has all the markings of a petulant tyrant holding low-income students hostage. De Blasio has said, “There’s no way in hell Eva Moskowitz should get free rent” — as if the 6,700 students in the charter schools she runs were a mere afterthought in his personal vendetta against a fellow Democrat.
And the poor kids Mayor Commie claims to love are getting it hardest.  Interesting, isn't it?

A-bomb pictures from WWII

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