Monday, March 17, 2014

We know how this goes: "I'm proud of my Irish side, BUT-"

On one hand, Irishness is a nonspecific global brand of pseudo-old pubs, watered-down Guinness, “Celtic” tattoos and vague New Age spirituality, designed to make white people feel faintly cool without doing any of the hard work of actually learning anything. On the other, it’s Bill O’Reilly, Sean Hannity, Pat Buchanan and Rep. Peter King, Long Island’s longtime Republican congressman (and IRA supporter), consistently representing the most stereotypical grade of racist, xenophobic, small-minded, right-wing Irish-American intolerance. When you think of the face of white rage in America, it belongs to a red-faced Irish dude on Fox News.
Oh, he's proud of some Irish-background people.  Long as they're socialist enough, 'caring' enough.  Everyone else, you suck.

Here's the Twitchy link, you can click on the Salon link there if you choose.

Yes, the gun bigots are still throwing out the 'All the dead children!' crap.  The same way, too:
Fortunately for children, that assertion is false. Since 1930, accidental gun deaths among U.S. children have plummeted by 81 percent even as our population doubled. According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), between 1999 and 2010 the rate of accidental gun deaths for children under age 15 dropped by 32 percent. To understand the relative threat of guns, consider that in 2010, poisoning killed 94 children; smoke and fire, 303; drowning, 736; and motor vehicles, a horrific 1,418. By contrast, gun accidents claimed 62.
Aping recent ABC News propaganda, the piece insists: “Sadly, one study reports some 7,500 children were admitted to U.S. hospitals with gunshot wounds last year. About 500 of them died.”
This half-truth rests on selectively quoting a “Pediatrics” journal article, then lumping together varying demographics and intentionality, and finally defining as “children” gang members up to age 19.
Consider “Pediatrics” conclusions the writer avoided mentioning: “Hospitalization rates were highest for 15- to 19-year-olds and for black males.” Indeed, 84 percent of gun injuries were for 15- to 19-year-olds and 62 percent resulted from criminal assaults, often gang-related. Another: “... the rate for black adolescents aged 15 to 19 years ... was 13.1 ... times higher than the rate for whites in the same age group.”
Yeah, actually dealing with the gang problem doesn't fit into the 'Guns Cause Bad!' line; so they don't bother.  Screw the actual problem, let's use these numbers to scare people into doing what we want!
Summarizing, accidental gun deaths among young children are rare, the majority of gun injuries result from assaults on – and perhaps by – teenagers approaching age 20 (including 16 killed by police), and the problem is disproportionately suffered by black teenagers 13 times more often than whites. Given that BJS estimates 37.6 percent of gun injuries go unreported, even that is likely an underestimate.
Poverty, fatherless families and a subculture of violence are likely culprits, but those problems won’t be solved by disarming responsible citizens. Attempts by gun ban advocates to hide their agenda behind the innocent visage of Zuri Chambers are deception, pure and simple.
And where are the gang problems the worst, you violence problems the worst?  Usually in places where Democrats/Socialists have had control of things for a long time; and if they actually tried to do something about the REAL problem it would bring embarrassing attention to that.

Time for some popcorn: Rich white gay guy versus Urban black straight guy? This is the liberal political equivalent of the Hunger Games.

Standard socialist crap: "What's yours is the State's":
Right now, in order to finance the United States government, we take in billions of dollars of profits for student loans, but permit billionaires to have enough loopholes that they pay at tax rates that can be lower than those of their secretaries.
This is a straightforward choice: We can take $75 billion and either way we’ll use it to protect tax loopholes for billionaires or $75 billion can be used to help students to refinance their outstanding student loan debt. It’s billionaires or students.
This particular quote is instructive in so many ways.  First, note how she makes the point that government “permits” billionairs to keep their money via loopholes.  Obviously she believes that’s something that shouldn’t be permitted, but more importantly in infers a belief that everything you earn belongs to government.  The student loan program is simply an excuse for taking it if she has her way.  If it weren’t that, it would be something else.  But bottom line she believes government has a right to that money in the name of  … well you call it – fairness?  Equality?  Whatever.
And let's not forget where all those loopholes came from: idiots like Warren wanting to use the tax code to punish people they aren't happy with and 'redistribute' money.


Phelps said...

Snooty bigots don't like the Irish, huh? I guess Putin isn't the only one who thinks it is the 19th century.

Erin Palette said...

I'm proud of my Irish side, BUT I hate the taste of beer. Lager, too. Sorry. :(

On the other hand, I do enjoy liquor. Whiskys included.

Firehand said...

'Irish not welcome, unless they're socialists'

Well, Erin, most beer I can't stand either; but good whiskey, now...

Erin Palette said...

What's odd is that my other half is Austrian. I'm practically EXPECTED to like beer. But nope, hate the taste...