Monday, March 17, 2014

The Project: ejector and plunger tube

They're installed. 

As noted before for the ejector you make sure the legs aren't too long. Then mark the forward leg and cut a notch for the pin to go through(the book says file it just a touch high, so the pin forces the leg down for extra-tight fit).  Degrease thoroughly, holes, pin and legs, then put together.

The plunger tube, well, the tool worked.  And yes, I was sweating blood while I used it.  No pictures of this, as just no way to do it by myself.

Then I fully assembled it and did every dry-fire test I know of, and all seems well.  Stripped it back down and cleaned and lubed everything; grease in a few places, PDB's homebrew CLP everywhere else.  It's going to sit till morning, then I'll wipe off the excess and fully assemble.  Here's how it looks with the grip screw bushings on:
Ever do something like this again I'm going to know some better ways, now that I've done this one.


Anonymous said...

I've been wanting to built a stainless gov model. which frame did you use?

Firehand said...

I used the Caspian Officer's model from Brownells, their #168-000-104WB. So far can't say a bad thing about it; the finish and details are good as you could hope for.

Just checked their site, some things are in stock, some are back order. They've got several Gov. model in-stock. And Brownells is good people to deal with.