Monday, March 17, 2014

Remember that CT cop who 'couldn't wait to kick in doors

and take guns'?  Well, turns out there's a worse part of that conversation:
A lot of news articles are putting my quote in of me saying he would put Jews in Ghettos as the reason he went off. He actually went off well before that. I literally asked him if a law was passed to put Jews in the Ghettos, would you? He literally said "Now you are being silly...but if its the law, I enforce it; I don't make them."

To me THAT was the quote of the story that everyone is missing.
Uh, yeah.  To have a cop say "Well, if they DID make a law about rounding up Jews, I'd follow my orders" is revealing.  Horrifying, too.  Really does bring up images of "I was only following orders!" as a defense.

And it's getting about the reaction you'd expect:
According to Cinque, Officer Joseph Peterson, who made comments in interaction on Facebook while off duty that he would "give my left nut to bang down your door and come for your gun…" has been placed on 24-hour guard due to threats on his life. This information came directly from Police Chief Kevin Halloran. 

Mr. Cinque told us that he had a two and a half hour "sit down" with the Branford Police Department on Tuesday. He said that the Branford PD was supposed to come out with an apology for Peterson's comments and wanted Cinque's endorsement of the apology in an attempt to cool things down.
Yeah, add it all up and it does NOT equal

Feinstein doesn't like it when she's subject to the same thing as the commoners, does she?

So the AUSA working with ATF may have lied to the judge to get that raid warrant; anybody surprised?  At this point I'd be more surprised if the BATFEIEIO and the clowns working with them DIDN'T lie.

Connecticut takes the next step.
The state is sending letters telling people who didn’t register their now illegal guns to turn them in or destroy them.

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