Tuesday, March 18, 2014

The Project: here goes (updated)

Excess oil wiped off, here it is before grips

and after grips

Those are the Crimson Trace grips the Kimber had worn for years; they'll need to be zeroed for their new home.  And it'll be two-tone for a while, maybe forever; this is a carry piece so a bit of wear(ok, a LOT of wear) on the upper isn't exactly a big deal.

Parts used from the Kimber:
Complete upper(including the fiber-optic sights I added)
Sear & disconnector
Hammer, pin & spur
Mainspring housing
Three-leaf spring
Slide lock
Recoil spring guide rod and plug(forgot to add this earlier)

Other parts used in the new frame:
GI grip safety
GI thumb safety
GI magazine release
Plunger tube & innards
All pins except the pin linking hammer & spur are new from the rebuild kit(stainless Officers)
New recoil spring

If possible I'll hit the range today(nice having a good indoor not too far away) and try it out.  Very carefully.


S.Moore said...

My kimber has seen 9 yrs of hard use minimum 28,000 rounds. Have changed barrels used a new gi contract hs barrel works like a top. Blueing has been worn of the slide for a couple yrs now was going to have it duracoated but I'm going to try stripping and sand blasting then acetone preheat to 100D.F. then light coats of stove black then bake for three hrs at 300 D.F.. Kurt Wilson from Survival Enterprises suggested that method.

Firehand said...

That's a method I'd not heard of