Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Governor Howler has a problem:

lots of people publicly saying "Screw you, Howler."
On March 16, SAFE Act protesters gathered in Saratoga, New York and burned "nearly a thousand gun registration forms."

Postar.com reports the forms "are used for people to register with New York State Police firearms that meet the state's definition of military-style assault weapons."

The Saratogian reports that "hundreds of gun rights advocates" turned out for the rally, which turned out to be "equal parts a rally against Gov. Andrew Cuomo and a teach-in on how to not comply with [the] SAFE Act assault weapons registration law." The latter consisted of showing gun owners how to make lawful cosmetic changes to their AR-15s in order to keep them legal.

The meet included this message:
We're basically explaining to people once they register, that gun is no longer theirs. It's a matter of time as to when the state will take it...It will be upon their death or when they change the law and decide to confiscate the guns that have been registered.
Especially considering Howler early-on stated that 'confiscation or forced sale are being considered'.

A serious failure in the victim-selection process:
Remember, while you're putting the whoopass on one, keep an eye out for any others.

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