Sunday, March 02, 2014

A thought occurs on the abortion wars: Updated

In the Vorkosigan novels Bujold has uterine replicators being the common way for babies to be born: get the egg and sperm, put together, put in replicator, wait nine months.  Done to avoid both the health complications of pregnancy and the inconvenience.

So, say someone develops a form of replicator. Girl becomes pregnant, guy is looking forward to baby, she decides "I want an abortion."
"No, I want the kid. Just put it in a replicator, you can sign away all responsibility for it, I'll raise the baby."
"No! I want an abortion!"

Just think of the interesting warfare from there.

Responding to Sean's comment:
I can just hear the screaming of "YOU CAN'T FORCE ME TO USE BIRTH CONTROL!".

Add that to "I want an abortion!"
"You don't have to.  I want the kid, I'll pay for the transfer to the replicator and all those costs, and I'll sign off that you have NO responsibility to or for the kid."
"No!  I Want An Abortion!  It's my right!"
"Not when you're killing my kid, it's not."

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Sean D Sorrentino said...

I think it's much more likely that people with that tech would also institute almost universal birth control. No one would get pregnant unless they wanted to.