Tuesday, February 04, 2014

Cass Sunstein is a rabid control-freak who wants the .gov to 'nudge'-

and then shove- people into doing what the .gov masters have decided is good; anything that makes him wet his pants in fear is a good thing.

Over on bookface, someone noted that the mere thought of a law saying 'CCW holders can carry in a post office' has Moms Demand Disarmament losing bladder control again.  From the comments:
Shannon Watts is incredibly arrogant. What we all need to do when replying to her tweets is remind her over and over that she's now merely another employee of Michael Bloomberg.
Really, that's probably all she's ever been.  But can't hurt to remind her at every opportunity.

Covers very nicely why I despise Clinton & Co. so much:
When somebody asks, “what difference, at this point, does it make,” whether an attack was caused by an obscure YouTube video or by deliberate malice aforethought, implicit is the guiding narrative that causes are unimportant next to how an event can be used to further a political ideology. If, whether for political purposes or simply because somebody couldn’t be arsed (what difference, at this point, does it make?), American citizens are left without sufficient protection in a hostile environment and rescue attempts are killed in the womb, it’s more important to use it for one’s own advantage than to do what is “right.”

Now that's interesting: a low-carb/high-protein diet can help your body fight off cancer.

Gov. Patrick of the PDRM and Piers Morgan are bigoted fools happy to accuse people of racism, a very unwilling to say "I was wrong" and set the record straight.

And yes, the bastards responsible for this need to be prosecuted; this kind of bullshit is horribly damaging.

Speaking of the PDRM,
Let’s just repeat that, for clarity’s sake: Massachusetts is considering denying “gun purchases to people who have been arrested, but not convicted, of a crime.” In other words, an American state is thinking about denying a constitutional right to the innocent because they happen to have been picked up by authorities that couldn’t prove that they had done anything wrong. I hope I speak for everybody here when I say, No, no, and no again.

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James Nelson said...

As along time practitioner, its not high protein, its moderate protein and high fat. The body can burn fat or carbs for fuel, protein is for building structure or for being turned to glucose by the liver via glucogenisis.