Tuesday, December 10, 2013

The last test of the Lee measure

because I don't currently have OCD, and I don't want to,

so enjoy this test, 'cause I'm not doing this again on this measure.

Filled the hopper about 3/4 full of IMR4895.
As I threw charges I'd dump them back in the bottle, then periodically add back to the hopper as you'd top off the hopper occasionally while loading.
Threw sets of ten, re-calibrating the scale about every fourth set(with exception noted below).

This time I threw 100 charges, and they broke down like this:

          32.7        32.9        33.0        33.2

            4            13           63           20

Some interesting things:
I got NO 32.8, or 33.1; in the variations from the set amount I ALWAYS got the same variations.
Of the 100 throws, there were three times I felt it bind on a grain.  Twice it was a hesitation, once it required more pressure, but all three of those were dead-on 33.0.  That's a lot smoother than the other measures I've tried.
At this point I'd have no problem using this with any of the stick powders I've ever used, and want to find a die to mount it on my Dillon 450.
Reason for no problem: I used my Midway electronic scale for this because it does give a digital readout, as opposed to screwing with the balance-beam scale to determine exact variations.  Yes, I know, 'looking under the light so I can see' and all; unless I can borrow a really accurate and reliable digital scale, this is what you're getting.
Add up the 'same variations' to the general outcome, I'm thinking that at least some of the variation in weights may be the scale acting up; it's done odd things at odd times before, which is why I generally use it for spot-checks and calibrate often(especially when something doesn't seem right).  At one point in a set it suddenly showed a charge just over two full grains off; recalibrated and reweighed that charge, got 33.0.  I did a string before using the balance-beam scale, and any visible variation were so close it would fit within the '+/- 0.1 grain' you expect from any measure/scale.  So, overall, I'd use it.

Even if you want to weigh every charge for match or hunting loads, this would speed it up immensely: throw the charge and weigh and only add/subtract some granules if needed.  Which is faster than 'dump, then trickle to get to weight, then put in case'.

Further stuff:
The other day I tried it with some Hodgdon Clays powder, and it did bind with it.  So does the Dillon measure, so does the Hornady if I don't fiddle with it just right beforehand.

Tried it with 2400; felt like it was binding a bit, not as bad as with Clays.

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SordidPanda said...

I've been using a Lee Perfect Powder Measure for IMR 4064 for a few years now. Once I find a load that is tolerant for +/- 0.3 grains I know I can throw a charge with confidence.

I've been using a Lee AutoDisk Pro with PowerPro 2000-MR for 223 match loads, and the ball powder flows through it VERY uniformly. I went with a ball powder for the smaller case and I haven't been disappointed at all. I plan on transitioning to 2000-MR for my 308 loads as soon as I finish using all my 4064.