Friday, December 13, 2013

Let's take it from the black-robed idiot down, shall we?

In my considered opinion:
Judge Jean Boyd is either a farging idiot or a corrupt jerk in a black robe. Which should, in either case, be removed, along with her license to practice law.

Psychiatrist Dick Miller is the kind of slimy excuse-for-anything piece of crap that makes '100 shrinks in a bus' jokes sound like a good idea.

And Ethan Couch is a dirtbag of the first water, who's learned he can get out of  real responsibility for and paying any real price for anything. Including theft and killing four people.

You want to know why people don't trust the courts and the 'experts'?  Perfect example.  Slimeball Psych Dick is more worried about 'the best treatment for this child' than about his having killed four people.  The judge was stupid(or corrupt, you have to wonder) enough to listen to this.  And Couch gets probation after theft, drunk/stoned driving and- at the least- manslaughter.

Listening to this Dick insist that a four-star 'treatment facility' counts as punishment... you want to make sure he has a ticket on that bus.

Which brings me to Why You're Not Officer Friendly(Reason #216):  because you're an abusive and lying bastard.
And the other officers who didn't try to stop it are just as bad.

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