Thursday, December 12, 2013

Things to remember:

A motorcycle on a 39F day isn't warm, but with good gear it's not bad.

I still wouldn't want to make a long-distance trip(the wind finds any possible place to sneak in, like cold water with a wetsuit).

I've ridden in worse weather with worse gear; this wasn't bad at all.

Keeping track of the occasional remaining lumps of ice/slush does keep you alert.

I miss 50's being the lows.


Sailorcurt said...

The temp on my ride in this morning was 31 degrees (it's 33 now).

There's no such thing as bad weather, only bad gear.

OK...snow and ice storms don't get along well with two wheeled conveyance, so there's that, but temps can be dealt with.

Where I live it doesn't get much below freezing in the winter, but my dad used to ride all winter long in north-central Indiana. When it got below zero, he'd just wear a snowmobile suit.

He used to joke that the rule of thumb is "never ride when it's colder than your age"...a rule which he broke consistently.

Titan Mk6B said...

Once I went to look at a motorcycle for sale. It was a 1974 Ducati 750GT, almost completely original and in absolutely stunning condition. I asked the price and when he said $500 I said I'll take it. He then asked "don't you want to test ride it"? So to keep up appearances and not to seem too eager I did. I then realized that just riding it down the block in my light jacket and no gloves or helmet that it would be a bit of a problem riding it home the four or five miles back to my house because it was twenty degrees outside.

Coldest. Ride. Ever.

Great big grin all the way home.

Firehand said...

I'd imagine it was.

Yeah, good gear makes all the difference. Coldest I ever had to ride in was 26-27, and I had no actual bike cold-weather gear; I had a Army surplus arctic parka, a bandanna tied around my face & neck under the helmet, sweat pants under the jeans(now THAT was a tight fit), and boots. Actually wasn't bad on me, but that air-cooled Rebel had problems.