Sunday, December 08, 2013

"4th Amendment? You can't let that get in the way

of police work!"
NYEffing City, as Kim used to put it, you wanted this?  You've got it.

As I recall, the proper way of things is an officer can search if he's got probable cause; not "If I think you ought to be searched, I'll search you."

This is why I now have a label of  'Oathbreaking Cops'


Keith said...

on the subject of probable cause, Wendy McElroy quoted this a couple of days back about the reliability of sniffer dogs

"There was a great study published in in the journal Animal Cognition in 2011 by Lisa Lit, Julie B. Schweitzer, and Anita M. Oberbauer entitled “Handler Beliefs Affect Scent Detection Dog Outcomes." The is researchers tested the Clever Hans effect on police dogs. ...... Eighteen law enforcement handler-dog teams were involved in the 2011 experiment. All were trained and certified for detecting drugs, explosives, or both. The teams each performed two sets of searches in four rooms with five minutes allocated per search. In advance, the researchers told the handlers that each room could have as many as three target odors, and that some targets would be marked with red paper. They were not told that in fact no target would actually smell of drugs or explosives. In short, any alert from the dogs would be false. The 144 searches conducted produced only 21 accurate detections; in other words, the dog gave no alert 21 times. The total number of false detections was 225. The highest rate of false alerts by far came in response to targets marked with red paper. The dogs were picking up the unconscious body language of their handlers "

I'm trying a few contacts to see if I can get a copy of the whole paper

Dan said...

Go back and read the 4th Amendment....AGAIN. The Amendment states that warrants shall be issued only upon probable cause.
NOWHERE does it allow for searches without warrants based upon probable cause. The bullsh*t
about "terry stops" and "probable cause" searches without warrants is ALL a massive abuse of rights rubberstamped by the fraudulent judiciary to allow their hired thugs leeway to abuse the populace.

Per the constitution.....NO WARRANT....NO SEARCH. Anything else is a violation of rights and one is morally justified in killing the officer attempting to impose this violation.