Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Tab clearing

Why no Officer Friendly?  Because you're assholes and people are covering for you.

And having keys to the vehicle is the gateway to drunk driving.  Or something.

A collection of idiocy and stupidity.

Then, pleading in mitigation that she’s there to talk about the Middle East, she reveals that she has no idea where Benghazi is.

Finally, when her constituents helpfully point out that Benghazi is in Libya, she turns to the side and gives that pitiful look that is the single thing I most loathe about American politics – the look a floundering empty suit gives to her minder when she needs him to come and rescue her. Which the minder immediately does.

A bunch of democrats can't stand the preemptive surrender, either.

A bunch of firefighters dead, because clusterfuck.

You expect anything else?  They WANT the IRS abusing power and breaking the law.

Yeah, I'm sure those nasty Jew gangs are looking for people to beat up...

The superintendent at School District RE-1 in Colorado is a fucking idiot.  And should be fired.  "I am following Holy Procedure!" should not be a defense in a case like this, it should be evidence of guilt.

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