Tuesday, December 10, 2013

I flat love it whern something works

Few years back I replaced the grip screws on my carry piece with some nice hex-drive ones(I don't know, because tactical or something).  A few days back I'd removed the grips to clean under them and when replacing the screws the head neatly broke off the right bottom one.

Yes, I said words.

Far enough down couldn't get hold of it, so today got a 1/16" bit(new and sharp) and very carefully started center-drilling the screw, figuring either the bit would turn the screw or I'd have a hole to use a broken-screw extractor.   Sure enough, when the bit got deep enough in the screw started turning, and was able to run it all the way through and out.  Yay!

 Now all I have to do is hope the original screws are still where I put them. 

(I try to put any such parts in a baggie, labeled, and stick it in a particular place.  I'm just hoping I didn't drop the damn things at some point while looking there for something else)


stevierayv said...

It's a beautiful thing huh.Good luck on the screw search

Anonymous said...

"Yes, I said words."

It ain't cussing. It's a magical incantation that gives me mastery over physical objects.

For some reason, I have to keep explaining that to my wife.

Samsam von Virginia