Thursday, December 12, 2013

Another tab clearing

Crooks may be smart or dumb, but are used to doing this to people.

Yes, multiple levels of fail in the NSA/FBI/CIA crap; but, as noted, it's a lot of other fed/state/local agencies as well.  I think the Dutchman referred to this as 'losing the mandate of heaven'.  And just what do they think will happen when nobody will trust or work with them anymore?

Shooting stuff in the wrong gun

"You pig, why are you even LOOKING at that woman, you heteronormative bastard!"
And connected idiocies.

People having entirely too much fun in all that white stuff

Dan Rather is still both a nutcase and a dirtbag.

Lube does matter.  And what works in some weather might not work in something different.

In Ireland: "You can't have that gun license because I don't like the gun."  Court: "Yes they can."
Perfect illustration of why 'may issue'-type crap is exactly that.

'Islamophobia problem' my ass.

Apparently the anti-gun-ownership people can't be bothered finding out what the law actually is; otherwise they wouldn't be wasting money on this.

Of course, they might know, and consider it worth it to say to the base "See how hard we're working on this!"  And they'd get away with it, because most of their base IS ignorant of the facts, and the ones who aren't would consider it worth it for the sake of keeping the ignorant stirred up.

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